Carpe Vitam

Seize Life - by the jewels, if necessary

Fala Redwing
This is my personal journal and is friends-only. I also have a public writing journal that is updated sporadically. I am starting a business as well; that blog can be found on the website, and there is a group for it here.

I talk about a lot of things in my journal. Some of it is shown to my friends; some of it is filtered to specific folks; some of it is not. If you don't like or can't handle frank discussions on music, nudity, politics, religion, sexuality, depression, books, movies, computers, photography, art, or moments of silliness, joy, despair, anger, foul language, or anything else I decide to talk or vent about, go elsewhere. If you'd rather insult me than be open-minded, then go away. This is my journal, thank you very much, and if you can't play nice or civilized-like, you are welcome to leave and more than likely encouraged by a nice fat boot.

Otherwise... welcome to the madness. We like you here and we have cookies.

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